Here is some feedback from our clients.

In this section we’d like to introduce feedback from our customers based on comments recorded before and after treatment.

‘Customer comments’ are taken from mails, questionnaires completed at the clinic, responses from direct questioning, and so on.  We might change some parts of the original sentences.

And we might also change the client’s names to their initials only or use only their family name for personal information protection.  Original questionnaires are kept and used to compile our customer comment’s section.

Please Note


We cannot guarantee the same results from treatment as those expressed in our customer comments. 


All cases are treated on an individual basis and result may differ from case to case. 


These customer comments

are based on experiences of treatment received. 


Some expressions and comments may however be adapted for the purpose of summarization.

Ms. Miyagi, dancer, Setagaya ward

I’m really glad to see an improvement in my feet with each visit.  I just leave my treatment up to practitioner because she has the knowledge and experience.  Treatment is painful, but there is a really calming and comfortable atmosphere.








Before treatment

I sometimes had a throbbing pain, which made me afraid to wear shoes with toes.


After treatment feedback

I’m really glad to see my foot condition improve with each visit.  Treatment is painful, but I felt much better, even after the first session.



Ms. Aoyama, actress, performer in Les Miserables, Shinjuku wards

I have suffered with Hallux Valgus since I was in high school.  I thought that I needed to have surgery.  Every time I come to the clinic, I can see my foot shape change and they feel much better.  In the clinics comfortable environment I feel that not only is my body receiving treatment but also my mind.









Before treatment

I need to wear high heels and dance in my job.  I have been really worried about my future career because recently I have felt severe pain even when not wearing shoes.


After treatment feedback

The practitioner is able to assess my problem through our conversations and then carries out treatment.  As my body gets better, I feel I’m becoming happier.



Ms. Sato, Shinjuku wards

It’s like a dream to have treatment without surgery.  Because all the treatment is given by hand, the pain experienced seems to be a lot more tolerable.  I can feel my body and mind are connecting.









Before treatment

She has nearly 40 years history of suffering with Hallux Valgus.  She thought that the complex she had about her body, especially her feet would never change.


After treatment feedback

I was nearly screaming in pain from treatment, but the practitioner’s attitude encouraged me.  I came to like my feet on each visit.



Ms. Kobayashi, Machida city

I’ve been doing ballet as my hobby.  I found my Hallux Valgus was getting worse because I couldn’t use my right toes properly when I was dancing.  I sometimes fell asleep during treatment in the relaxed atmosphere of the clean and peaceful room.








Before treatment

She can’t spread her right toes because of Hallux Valgus and she has stiff shoulders and back from deskwork.


After treatment feedback

I have treatment regularly, as a result my whole body condition is in improving, especially my back.  I have become more aware of my body and now notice even the smallest of problems.



Ms. Yamamoto, Takamatsu city

My big toe nail had become thick, like a seashell, with many layers and I could only wear sports shoes.  This is not a surgical treatment but ‘hand’ treatment.  I regret not coming to this clinic earlier.





Before treatment

Sometimes her toenails were close to coming off as they would snag on her bed sheets.  The affected area was always bleeding and weeping.


After treatment feedback

Every time I have treatment, my pain eases.  The practitioner explains the root and cause of my condition and gives me advice for aftercare.



Ms. Kita, Osaka city