Lower back aches and sciatica problems.

We’ve also had lower back pain and sciatica problems.

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Ms. Kobayashi, Machida city


Hallux Valgus, backache and inner thigh pain


I’ve been doing ballet as my hobby.  I found my Hallux Valgus was getting worse because I couldn’t use my right toes properly when I was dancing.  I sometimes fell asleep during treatment in the relaxed atmosphere of the clean and peaceful room.

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More details


Ms. Itoi, ballet dancer, Shinjuku wards


Pain in Achilles tendon, knees and lower back


I do classical ballet and other different kinds of dance, each dance uses different parts of the body which or become tense as a result.  The treatment carried out on me differs depending on my condition. 

The practitioner is very aware of my body and so I often find there is no need for me to inform her on my problems prior to a session beginning.




We cannot guarantee the same results in treatment as those expressed in our customer comments.

  All cases are treated on an individual basis and results may differ from case to case.

Do your symptoms appear in following?

〜Don’t give up and talk to us〜

If you have any of the following symptoms you may have sciatica!? Please talk to us now!

Areas of sciatica pain



  • When bending forward, you feel pain and tension from the base of the spine to the hip.



  • Feel pain and tension from the center of the hip to the sides, and up to the side of the thigh.


  • Feel tension in the back of the thigh.


  • Pain and tension in the calf.


  • Pain in the heel and numbness of the toes.



If you have any of the following symptoms, you may have sciatica.

  • The pain started in the lower back, now it’s spreading around the hip.


  • Uncomfortable feeling between the thigh and calf and also numbness of the toes.


  • When bending forward, you feel tension and unstableness around the hip area, lose balance and automatically try to support yourself.


  • Feel stiffness around lower back when you wake up.


  • Can’t sit on a chair for a long period of time.




Causes for long term lower back pain

For those with only mild symptoms, recovery maybe achieved through relaxation massage or personal healing.

For those who have experienced muscle tensions or intolerable pain for many years this maybe caused by displacement of lower backbones.  The pain experienced differs depending on how the displacement occurred and part and how many bones were displaced.  We would recommend treatment if you have experienced pain for a month or more.  Without treatment, your pain will not fade and you will continue to suffer.


Most pain is caused by displacement of the lower backbones.


In the case of bone displacement at the base of the spine, leaving it untreated will never see a reduction in pain.


For common lower back pain, like muscle tiredness, pain relief can normally be achieved within 2 to 3 weeks.  But in the case of bone displacement of base of the spine, pain can sometimes continue for up to 2 to 3 months.


In this case sufferers of lower back pain have visited many different manual therapeutics or chiropractic clinics.


Pain and uncomfortable feelings experienced for more than 6 months is not a result of muscle tiredness or tension, but it is caused by displacement of the lower backbones due to myofascial adhesion.  Therefore you cannot reduce the pain through simple relaxation massage or personal healing.


Our clinic looks to remove myofascial adhesion around the base of the spine and adjust those areas that have been the cause of any pain.


If you haven’t had any satisfactory results in the past, please try our unique method of treatment.



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