Q: Is treatment covered by health insurance?


A: No, we are afraid not.  All treatment is at your own expense.



Q: How do you correct Hallux Valgus?


A: With the use of fingers we knead the knotted adhesion between the muscle and the bone.   This is a deep muscle treatment and so there is a certain amount of pain.  The level of the pain experienced depends on the individual.  Our treatment is offered by hand, without the use of any instruments.



Q: How about other treatments except for Hallux Valgus?


A: We also provide other treatments, like Shiatsu massage combined with breath work, corrective adjustments of problem areas, and massage for the release of hard knots in muscles, etc.



Q: How many times should I get treatment?


A: For Hallux Valgus, one foot takes approximately 8 sessions.  We also recommend a monthly visit to keep a check on your condition.

(This is an approximate time and depends on individual cases.  We will advise on a case by case basis.)



Q: I have rheumatism. Will my pain from Hallux Valgus get better? How about different types of Hallux Valgus?


A: We cannot guarantee that suffers of rheumatism or other conditions will see an improvement or a reduction in pain of Hallux Valgus.  We strive to provide clients suffering from Hallux Valgus with best service we can offer.  All cases are treated on an individual basis and results may differ from case to case.  We make no guarantees that treatment will be successful.



Q: Do you accept only dancers for treatment?

Do you provide other treatments apart from that offered for Hallux Valgus?


A: Although we have a strong client base consisting of both professional and amateur dancers we also have many clients from the general public.  Client’s conditions range from and include Hallux Valgus, ingrown toenails, headaches, stiff shoulders, backache, sciatica, amongst others.



Q: What is the difference between a 30 min. and 60 min. massage?


A: During a 30 min. massage we would look to focus on a specific area or problem.  A 60 min. massage would be recommended for those suffering from more than one issue, for example, swelling of extremities, lower back and hip pain.  This would be a full body approach.



Q: It says women only, but do you ever accept male clients?


A: On rare occasions and through referral only, male clients have been accepted.